Traditional architectural services with a visible difference.

Click and drag your mouse around the images below. You have a 3D view of the room before it’s actually built!

Using VR, EV Architects can help clients make key design decisions before they become costly enhancements or design changes!  

Contact EV Architects for a virtual demonstration 020 8531 4441 or info@evarchitects.com 

EV Architecture also provides East London’s premiere architectural visualisation services. This is a service inclusive of our high quality 3D architectural visualisations, which we’ve been perfecting for over 20 years from our home in Walthamstow, East London. We specialise in both visualisation and animation. We believe this is something which is becoming more and more important to the architectural industry with local authorities now often wanting verified views to support planning applications. Our 3D visualisations and animations specifically are of such a high quality they fulfil legal requirements in court.

So when planning a building, getting in touch with a company with this expertise like ourselves is paramount. Our 3D imagery and animation can also be used to promote a new building, help with the building itself or be used in any context you can think of from being used by estate agents, or interior designers.

Architectural changes are often costly but with strong architectural visualisation you can easily spot complicated and expensive issues that may crop up down the line, but with the aid of 3D visualisation, you can spot issues and implement changes before they crop up during building.

One of the beauties of our 3D visualisation services is that we are accessible remotely, meaning that not only do we serve our localities in Walthamstow, East London and the wider London area, but our visualisation can be requested from anywhere, so always feel free to give us a quick ring to see if we can help.

Our talented team of animators based in lovely Walthamstow, East London create fantastic 3D animated sequences of building interiors and exteriors, using survey data to create the wider contextual topography used to add the finishing touches; creating an image that really help promote your projects to clients.

Since all our visualisations are created by and for architects, instead of just another CGI or animation studio splitting its resources down the middle, we know what architects want out of their visualisations.

Over the past 5 years, everybody has heard of virtual reality in some way or form, we believe that the future of architectural visualisation lies therein, so we also create architectural visualisations animated in the virtual space, creating immersive experiences where you can truly get a feel for how your project may end up, allowing clients and potential clients to step into and explore your own architects, long before completion.