EV Architects is leading the way in the use of 3D visualisation.  In addition to the standard 2D Autocad drawings, EV Architects uses Virtual Reality Headsets to immerse the client in their own design adventure!

Most people use flat 2D house plans, similar to estate agent brochures, to make key decisions in layout, design and functionality. This can prove difficult because many of us can not visualise the space.  We can’t fully understand how removing a wall, changing a door or updating the decoration can change the way our homes are used and enjoyed.

CGI or computer generated images revolutionised the property development industry with detailed images that look like photographs.  The images created are so realistic, they can also help us make decisions on interior design and functionality that were previously left to a best guess on a 2D scheme,or a walk about with a tape measure.  If you (as many others) have trouble visualising changes in your home, you will be amazed at the difference a good CGI can make.  And it gets better..

Virtual Reality Headsets have jumped the industry to the next level. You can now physically stand in your proposed design and try it out for size…literally.  At EV Architects we can load the CGI inout our Virtual Reality Headsets. Try them on and feel the space. Want to add an island or a peninsula to your kitchen? Can’t decide where and how to build the staircase to your new basement or loft? This technology will let you ‘try before you buy’.  It’s so realistic you may duck at a low doorway or feel like you may stumble down the staircase!

If you would like a demonstration, please call us at 020 8531 4441 or send us an email at info@EVArchitects.com.