Building Regulations Approval is required for all extensions, alterations and new build developments that are over 30 square meters. The approval process ensures that your construction is built according to current standards and is safe to inhabit. The approval process requires submission of detailed building plans including information on drainage, structure and other building materials. The Department of Building Control at the Local Authority will evaluate the plans, possibly request changes and visit the site to ensure the construction is built according to the approved plans. Alternatively, you can hire a private company for building control, which will cost more, though is usually the faster option. The building control representative will evaluate the project with regard to hygiene, structure, thermal performance, sound insulation and many other elements that affect the environment as well as the inhabitants of the building or house. In most cases they review the documents and approve as the work is completed.

EV Architects can help you obtain the approvals and we work in close liaison with the local authorities.


Building control can be achieved in two ways – either by submission of a full application to the local authorities or by submission of a Notice Application. If you consider the first method, you have to submit a full detailed drawing and specification of the particular project, and no work can commence until you receive an approval from the Building Control. In the case of Notice Application, plans have to be submitted 48 hours prior to the commencement of the work. An inspector from the local authority would visit the site on regular intervals to check whether the works are in compliance with the regulations.

EV Architects will assist you and provide advice where required. We will provide detailed construction drawings required for the approval process, and work to get you started at the earliest date. Ideally, our team of experts will take around 10 to 15 days to complete the drawings suitable for Building Control submission, however, this is dependent on the structural engineer.  Structural design is a key element, and we work in collaboration with the engineers to design the space as required. For larger projects the duration may vary depending upon the required complexity.

If you would like further information regarding Building Control, please call us at 020 8531 4441 or send us an email at info@EVArchitects.com.