EV Architects offers advanced architectural services and we are experienced in providing intelligent green technologies. More and more clients are interested in green buildings to save energy and lower the carbon footprint. Green technologies ensure a balance between community, economics and the environment.

We can discuss a range of sustainable options with each client and help you understand how clean and hygienic your buildings can be. Our team of architects include green technology in our drawings, so the ultimate result is an eco-friendly construction. Right from building materials to the electrical and hydro systems, everything can be in accordance with the green building standards.


  • Energy from Waste
  • Solar Power Systems
  • Wind or Water Power
  • Water Harvesting and Recycling

The scope of integration of green technologies varies with individual projects, though basic principles remain the same and these are:

  • Use of Eco Friendly Materials
  • Energy Efficiency of Buildings
  • Durable Designs (reduction of consumption and wastage of resources)
  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Reduce the Carbon-footprint
  • Build according to the ‘Sustainable design standards’

Owing to reduction of non-renewable energy sources, it has become essential to save natural resources and use renewable form of energy. We work towards creating sustainable healthy buildings that do not harm the environment.

Please contact us for more details on 020 8531 4441 or info@EVArchitects.com