Ans: Architects have expertise in designing both commercial and residential structures to provide maximum functionality and to strategically use all the available space. They also provide cutting edge design to make your building unique and perfectly suited to your requirements. Builders generally do not have such expertise, unless they are design and build firm. An architect would guide you through the design stage and also assist you in obtaining the necessary permissions and approvals that are needed to complete the project successfully. An architect can also be used to project manage the job and will work to ensure that the project is completed on time, within budget, and with an outcome of the highest quality.

Ans: Architects have a range of prices depending on services required and experience. They can however, help you save money with project management skills as well as knowledge in alternative build design and methods to suit the budget. The designs are created to provide value for money and can also ensure that the structures can incorporate potential future requirements. Hiring an architect can make your project stand apart from others.  The initial consultation is free.

Ans: EV Architects projects are mainly within greater London and Cambridge.  We work frequently on recommendation and can provide services on other UK based developments.

Ans: We offer traditional architecture service and we undertake small to large private residential extensions and refurbishments. We also take up small commercial projects, but we prefer evaluating the needs and requirements before we have the contracts signed.

Ans: Our fees depend on the size, type and complexity of the project. Working with a new building design is easier than working on an existing building that requires complex negotiations. Typically our hourly rates are £75/hr but for large projects it can come down considerably at £20/hr.

Ans: Building regulations are the standards for designing, construction and alteration that are developed by the Government and every building must adhere to these standards. The list of requirements included within the Building Regulations ensure safety, welfare, health, convenience, sustainability, energy efficiency and to prevent abuse, misuse or contamination of water supplies.

Ans: Planning permission will depend on the size, type and complexity of the project and the local authority. For straightforward, simple projects, it is normally decided within 8-12weeks. Our experts have close relationships with the planning authority departments, so we try to obtain the permissions as soon as possible.