21 June, 2017 Uncategorized admin

Own the road with a new exterior

You know what they say about buying property, “invest in the least expensive house on the street, in the best neighbourhood you can afford”. Whilst this is fantastic financial advise, and can provide a broad spectrum to increase the value of your home in future years as well as ensuring the widest possible market for eventual resale, the reality can be less than beautiful and down right depressing. There are also well known psychological benefits to living in beautiful buildings. A quick search on the internet reveals such salubrious titles including “ The Psychology of Architecture”, “How Architecture can affect your mood”, and of course, “Architecture for well being”.


We all want to improve our mental well being, and the good news, is we can! Take for example the above design presented to our clients in Kent. They purchased a well maintained, though standard brick building with bland appeal. They wanted to update the property with a contempory look and feel to suit their own style. Check out the before and after images. The difference is stunning and the house is now one of the most beautiful homes on the road with definite curbside appeal. And those with financial concerns, the cost of a home face lift can add a great deal of value to the bottom line. It’s win win.